Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive and interactive set of tools based on established psychometric principles that will help people increase their level of self-awareness so they can better engage in their work, the work of their teams, and the organizations of which they are a member.
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Our Approach

At Brantas we seek to help individuals develop a higher level of Awareness of personality preferences and the impact they have on behaviour and interpersonal dynamics. Our goal is to help move people through Appreciation and Adaptation and provide them with insights, tools and exercises to assist them in that journey.

We seek to encourage people to think about what it’s like to have different preferences – to see how the other half lives. Each preference provides unique contributions and challenges as the team works together on business issues and team processes with the end result of more effective working teams!

Our Theme

We selected Branta Canadensis (the Canada Goose) as our theme because they are a fascinating study in team building and performance.

Geese always fly in a V formation. The lead bird breaks the headwinds and creates an aerodynamic uplift for the goose behind it who, in turn, does the same for the bird behind it, and so on. As they fly, the team constantly “honks” their encouragement to the lead goose. When the lead goose tires it is replaced by another goose from the formation and the lead bird falls back into the V, and so it goes until they reach their destination.

This teamwork and exchanging of leadership maximizes their performance and productivity by minimizing the effort required to accomplish the task at hand.

At Brantas Performance Inc., we see great value in this natural example of leadership and team effectiveness and have stylized our formation graphs to incorporate a similar V shape. We see this as the Formation of Leadership.

Our Journey

  • 1996-1999

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Primarily focused on creating our intellectual property and the software systems.

  • Gosling

    March 1999

    Brantas is Incorporated

    Incorporated and officially opened our doors.

  • Goose


    Consulting Services

    We provided development and consulting services using our own tools.

  • Geese


    Toolset and Training Provider

    Changed our business model to train customers to use our tools to develop their people and improve the efficiency of their teams.

  • Geese in flight


    Brantas 2.0!

    We modernized our toolset to improve your experience and return on investment.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Leadership Team

David Blair

President and Founder

Kathryn Davis

Training and Facilitation

Russ Blair

Information Systems

Our knowledgeable and highly trained Associates are well seasoned and experienced business professionals, bringing hands-on experience to the Brantas process.

We speak your language; we share your goals. In working through the process our facilitators act as personal coaches, our online toolset provides mentoring insights, and together we work with you to become part of your team.

We measure our success by your success.