Conflict Resolution

The dynamics of personal interaction are complex and often mystifying. Conflict can be difficult to categorize as it can be the result of numerous causes and multiple effects. Left unattended, conflict creates workplace tension that can topple even the strongest teams.

The successful resolution of interpersonal or team conflict requires not only a high-level of communication and listening skills but also the ability to understand and accommodate another person’s perspective. Brantas Profiles can assist with this process by helping participants to understand how their counterparts frame business issues, make decisions and communicate.

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"I learned a great deal about my personal style though the Personal Profile Report provided by Brantas. The Brantas workshops that I participated in were always engaging and high quality. I received tremendous feedback using their website as you can set up your team of Board of Directors and receive regular feedback on the profiles of other members, gaining insight into how they think about or react to different situation and activities. This really helped me appreciate the unique skills of other Board Members and made us more effective as a team."

Carolyn Young, Former Member, Board of Directors, Central West Community Care Access Centre