Strategy Development

The Strategy Development process provides an organization’s senior leadership with an opportunity to evaluate its business objectives and operating principles, identify the actions needed to make progress, and articulate its success criteria. Effective strategic planning provides an organization with the opportunity to set priorities, focus energy and resources, and ensure that everyone is working towards common goals.

The Brantas Toolset has been designed to help leadership teams get the most out of their strategy planning exercises by ensuring that team members are aware of each other's preferences and encouraging adaptation to maximize the value of discussions and activities.

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"I learned a great deal about my personal style though the Personal Profile Report provided by Brantas. The Brantas workshops that I participated in were always engaging and high quality. I received tremendous feedback using their website as you can set up your team of Board of Directors and receive regular feedback on the profiles of other members, gaining insight into how they think about or react to different situation and activities. This really helped me appreciate the unique skills of other Board Members and made us more effective as a team."

Carolyn Young, Former Member, Board of Directors, Central West Community Care Access Centre