Team Effectiveness

Team dynamics can be complex and problems are sometimes too difficult to pin-point. All too often, teams fail due to interpersonal conflicts that begin to adversely impact team performance.

Brantas provides teams with insights into each person’s style – the differences and the similarities. Through this awareness comes improved understanding that leads teams to accommodation instead of conflict, to adaptation not discord.

Team harmony, we see time and again, leads to better communication and improved team effectiveness.

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"LG uses key performance indicators to measure Supply Chain Management. LG Electronics has 46 subsidiaries around the world and LG Canada was 43rd out of 46 when I started. LG Canada is now ranked #1 Globally.

Yes, the team did an outstanding job for Canada. But, I know if it wasn’t for Brantas, we would not have achieved the synergy and results to produce this kind of alignment and result."

Donald Courtney, Chief Operating Officer, LG Electronics Canada Inc.