The Brantas Toolset
Our new interactive design makes it simple for teams to share information to understand each others’ preferences quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime and from any device.
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Brantas Toolset

Our experience at Brantas is that a profile or report, in and of itself, rarely creates a change in behaviour on the part of an individual or team. Similarily, teams rarely present with teamwork issues that can be addressed with a single report or workshop. Instead, teams present with much more complex issues which are themselves the result of the complex interplay between people in the workplace.

The Brantas toolset has been designed to allow the highest possible level of flexibility in addressing business issues. Users can choose from any of the tools in the toolset to address their business issues in the manner which makes the most sense to them and a process that works best for the team members.

Our toolset includes; Brantas Profiles which help individuals to become more self-aware, Brantas Reports which compare profiles of one or more individuals, Workshop materials which facilitate group learning, specialized Feedback tools for gathering more accurate information and an online interactive tool called the Brantas Executive Coach.

The foundation of all our tools is preference data gathered using proprietary Brantas assessment tools.

Brantas Profiles

A Brantas Profile is a signature or fingerprint of an individual's personality preferences.

Profiles are based on the data gathered using an online proprietary psychometric assessment designed and developed by Brantas Performance Inc.

Profiles are designed to be delivered by a Brantas Certified Trainer who interprets the profile report and answers questions on a one-on-one basis.

Profile results are presented in the unique and proprietary Brantas Formation Graph that was designed to facilitate interpretation and comprehension of Profile data from a range of preference indicators.

The language used in Brantas Profiles is designed to be easy to read, straightforward and useful in a business context.

Brantas Reports

Brantas provides a number of different Reports that can be used to improve team effectiveness and assist in solving business problems.

Brantas Reports build on the Brantas Profiles by introducing insightful information regarding the dynamics that result from people interacting. The combinations could be as simple as a two-person relationship or as complex as the interaction of two teams.

Awareness of differences and similarities in styles and the resulting effects allow team members to anticipate reactions and behaviour and adapt their style to maximize team performance.

Many of the Brantas Reports are useful in various situations while others are designed to address specific business needs such as providing insights for managers, team leaders, human resources and those involved in the hiring process.

Brantas Workshops

Workshops are designed to be delivered by a Brantas Certified Trainer for a broad range of business issues impacting individual or team performance.

Workshop materials are typically created for each unique situation, drawing data contained in the Brantas Profiles and presenting the data in a team context.

Workshops are delivered in a constructive, non-threatening manner designed to facilitate discussion and adaptation among team members to improve team effectiveness.

Brantas Feedback

Personality preferences affect everything we say and do and can skew responses to simple questions such as “is the cup half full or half empty?”

Brantas recognized this and has created its own survey system to gather feedback and present results in a manner that adjusts for the preferences of the people giving the responses.

Brantas Performance Inc. has designed and developed a proprietary psychometric tool called the Brantas Executive Coach or “BEC”. The BEC is a flexible, user-friendly online tool to assist progressive businesses to enhance personal development, leadership effectiveness and the effectiveness of teams.

The BEC interface provides a range of easy to use options that deliver personalized insights directed at maintaining awareness of specific personality preferences and their impact on relationships. BEC also provides coaching guidance on how to work more meaningfully with colleagues and team members with constructive suggestions for communications and relationship issues.

BEC’s newly redesigned screens deliver a powerful visual tool that clearly shows profiles and team dynamics that enables managers and team members to view team profiles in aggregate or to compare themselves to others on specific preferences.

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